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We Use Safe Medically-Proven StrategiesDetox Centers in Corpus Christi assist addicts to take the first step towards recovery from drug addiction, using secure, supervised clinical facilities and custom-designed detox regimens. Detoxification, or detox, expels amassed substances and purges them from the body, but it should not be mistaken for drug or alcohol rehabilitation; detox alone is not rehab. Although some people might find the possibility of detox intimidating, top-of-the-line treatment facilities ensure that detox is healthy and appropriate for every client, which is important because detox specifications range from person to person, and, many times, the ‘cold turkey’ technique is not suitable. Given that detox processes are different for each and every addiction – and it could be unhealthy to use the ‘cold turkey’ method in many instances – Recovery Treatment Centers Corpus Christi makes use of safe and medically-proven strategies, providing a custom-created program for every client. For any other questions, or to speak with a detox specialist, call Recovery Treatment Centers Corpus Christi at 361-214-1818 today!

What to Expect from Detox

There are three typical stages that clients of Recovery Treatment Centers Corpus Christi can anticipate once they resolve to enter detox. It’s very important to first review every client in order to determine which substance, or substances, are being abused. It is common for addicts to abuse more than one drug, commonly alongside alcohol, which can influence the detox approaches the client requires. Then, Detox in Corpus Christi detoxifies the patient’s body, disposing of harmful drugs and substances. Although detox can break the physical addiction to dangerous substances, detox does not rehabilitate the client, or help prevent future relapse, so Recovery Treatment Centers Corpus Christi strongly urges clients to proceed directly into a rehabilitation program to be able to prepare them to overcome addiction on their own.

Why Treatment Is Important

Detox is a powerful first step to take toward recovery, but many people affected by substance addiction are additionally afflicted by mental disorders that contribute to the dependency and confound recovery. Detox is much more efficient if followed by a rehabilitation program because rehabilitation prepares addicts to combat their drug abuse in everyday life situations, and offers them the equipment identify and keep away from triggers to drug and alcohol abuse. One vital factor in the probability of relapse is access to these familiar places, people, and scenarios. In a new setting, far from the people and places that the addict associates with drug and alcohol use, it is easier to avoid the triggers of addictive behavior.

Relapse is a lot more frequent when people take part in detox alone, so Recovery Treatment Centers Corpus Christi urges their clients to continue into a twenty-eight day, sixty day, or 90-day rehab programs to begin drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Group and individual therapy, access to the twelve-step community, interesting diversions and physical activities, and beautiful, enjoyable accommodations all contribute to the treatment process. These living communities mix the same, twenty-four hour monitored care common for expensive inpatient treatment facilities, with the affordability of outpatient facilities. Additionally, clients keep busy with instructional programs created to help them succeed in their sobriety and life goals.

Take the Initial Step Now!

Detox is much more efficient as first step if followed by drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs. Other treatment centers address addiction with detox, but Recovery Treatment Centers Corpus Christi gives support past this initial step, so their clients can maintain a sober lifestyle even after detox. While detox could briefly improve the health of the body, it does nothing in regards to the core, mental problems motivating alcohol and drug abuse. Treatment facilities that only provide detoxification programs can’t be sure that their clients keep clean and sober forever, however, Detox Corpus Christi, Texas wants their clients to leave with the techniques to combat addiction for the remainder of their lives. Talk to a detox professional regarding the first step toward sobriety; call 361-214-1818 now!